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I thought it would be nice to show you how I live during school.

Slightly repeating myself in telling you that I am studying in Sastamala and my apartment is in Turku, almost a two hour car ride away. So I am living in the dormitory during weekdays.

Let's just say as an explanation for the following that being a grownup and living with 16-year-olds can be interesting and you do seem to become a teen yourself again.

This is my room. Well my side of the room.

I would like to point out the Crime and Punishment book on my bed which makes me feel proud of myself.

This at least is what my room looks like when it's cleaning day and it's checkup-time.

And this is how I am used to seeing my room since I am always doing something or looking for something. And you might notice the book is now on the floor because I am actually reading it and kind of broke it into three parts while reading it.

Hilkka, nameless, Trump, Mars attacks!

Above are my "pets".

The first red and green jungle is called "Hilkka" since my boyfriend wanted to name it after his great grandmother. Hilkka is about a week old and a perfect roomy since she doesn't make any sounds or try to annoy me.

Next to Hilkka is my nameless little baby who is about five years old and about the size of my thumb.

On the next row on the left is the baby money tree which my boyfriend so tenderly named "Trump". I am not going to explain Trumps name choice.

Last but not least is "Mars attacks!". If you've watched Mars attacks you should understand and if you haven't shame on you.

Almost forgot about Walter. Walter is a powerbank and usually helps me get through the schoolday while I either watch youtube clips or listen to audiobooks.

Walter also keeps saving me the rare times I do go out to party and need a ride home afterwards after having used up my entire battery taking embarrassing pictures that can never be shown to anyone or listening to bad music while walking from one place to another or googling things that you thought you'd never google.

Until next time!

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