Halloween and circus!

So this weekend I celebrated Halloween with my friends. Here's the only pick that I've got my hands on so far, that I dare post.

On Sunday I was unsurprisingly feeling tired and horrible overall. I’d cut the earlier night short because I guess I’m loosing my party stamina as I get older.

Well while in this slump I remembered this event that was taking place in Turku that our teachers had told us about. “Materiaali sirkus” which surprisingly translates to material circus. We’d been told that there would be different kinds of machines and jewelry and other things that would be interesting to a “goldsmith-to-be”.

Well the event wasn’t exactly what I had imagined but cool none the less. 

A lot of motorbikes, a fact which had been pointed out on the poster/brochure-thing but I just hadn’t noticed.

Didn’t see very much jewelry but the ones that I did notice were hidden in the back of the hall.

Function of the feathers?
The coolest part of the event were definitely the steampunk styled machines that reminded me of “The Time Machine”. The movie version because I haven’t gotten around to reading it (shame on me). Maybe I’ll get some inspiration to start designing steampunk jewelry after this?

Now I’m back in Sastamala again and winter is finally here!

Sorry to say I’ve broken my hand this week. 

Bet it’s a repetitive strain injury from filing down the ring I’m working on in school. Now I can’t put any pressure on my hand since it hurts even to write on the computer. I think this happened because I was trying to file as fast as possible to get ahead and now I’m going to fall more behind again. 


Also have a green finger which the school nurse told me to just keep clean and use antiseptic on but I'm a bit sceptic since I don't understand how the antiseptic is supposed to work since the green stuff is clearly deep under my skin and my skin is completely intact. 

Am clearly turning into Frankensteins monster.

Or maybe rather the bride of Frankensteins monster.

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